Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

“Mystery house” Stelios c1 NEON Aegina

It was night on the 31st of October. Four friends Mike, Stelios, Dimitris and Spyros. 

Were going for a walk and then they saw a big house, there were no people living here.

The boys want to go there to see the house and see if the house was scary. But in this house some people were making a scary movie about  Halloween, but the boys didn't know that.

First they went to see the house around and then, went in It. They started to see if the windows were open or the door was open. They found one window open and went in. They started about the first floor but they didn't see any thing, then they went to the second floor but didn't see any thing or any people. But the film was being made on the third floor.

Then the boys got to the last floor. They listened to spooky music and voices.

Two of the kids did want to go up but then they all went and saw spooky costumes, masks, cameras, and lamps.

They went in and saw the people making the film, then the boys calmed down.

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