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The Haunted Orchestra by Alexandra Prokopiou D1

   Every Halloween on a little island in Greece that called

Aegina, there was a haunted violin orchestra.

      The people who play in this orchestra are ghosts .On

Halloween ,these ghosts play violins in the streets of Aegina

at 12:00 am .When the people wake up from their sleep,

they listen to scary music .When they go out on their

balconies ,the only thing that they can see are the violins

that they 're playing .the people are scared every Halloween ,

they don't go out of their houses at all.Some people moved

because of the ghosts.

     Once upon a time ,in 1976 ,a group of men , took some wood

and tried to kill this orchestra ,so the island would be haunted

When the men hit the ghosts ,the ghosts haunted the men

and then they killed them .

      After that day ,no one tried to kill the ghosts .The island

was haunted forever .And the music played on !!!!!


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