Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

the little girl

Once upon a time, there was a happy family that decided to move to a new huge wierdly inexpensive house. The only thing that was a problem was that they had to take care of another 11 year old child too that lives there. They did't really had a problem because they were thinking to adopt a child for a long time. At the start, everything was okay. The little girl named Kathrin, was quiet and did't speak to the children of the family , but this didn;t made them anxious because they thought that she was shy and by the time she woulb became a true member of the family. After a few months, the things started getting a little strange. Kathrin still didn't speak to the children and didn't answer the parents questions about the issue. She also spended a long time alone in the attic. One day the two parents decided to go and see what's so interesting in the attic. They saw Kathrin with her eyes turned black, saying some things that they couldn't understand cause it was like she was speaking another language. They got really frightened by this fact and they decided to ask a psyciatrist so they know what Kathrin had and what they need to do. After a lot of searching, they didn't found anyone that could give them a solution, so they decided to ask an "demon exorcist" as she was called that they learned she had some psycologist knows too. When they went to her and told her what happened she fricked out and said that they should go away from the house as soon as possible. But when they returned home, they fricked out seeing Kathrin on the floor dead with a knife in her neck. They took their children and run away immidiately. After a few days they went to the old women again and asked her about what happened with Kathrin. SDhe told them that this house was huntewd by this little girl for a long time and the previous owners of this house were a family like them. When they realised that something strange was happening and they tried toi run away, the shaddow of the girl went into one of the children's body. They never heard  for them again. The family went away and never spoke for that girl or the house again.