Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


 It was a quiet afternoon. I left school and I was going home. While I was walking down the road for home, I saw some friends of mine so I stopped and talked to them for almost half an hour! After a short time, I got a phone call from my mum. She said I had to go home quickly before it got late. So I said goodbye to my friends and I started running although it wasn't that late yet. My house was 20 minutes away from school. As I was running, I fell because I hadn't seen the rock at my feet.  My feet were bleeding but I was near home, so mum could take care of me.


When I got home, mum saw my feet and she got scared. She thought I'd argued with someone but actually, when I explained to her, everything was fine. That night, my cousins came round and we all went up in my room to watch a horror movie, as it was Halloween. We tried to find the scariest horror film of all the time! We were searching for an hour and we finally found the perfect one. Its name is Lights Out.  While we were watching it, my mum shouted and said that they were going out to get something for us to eat. I was like okay, fine, everything is going to be okay.


The movie finished and my parents were late, like, super late! We were super scared after watching the film and were all under a blanket, hugging each other. At one moment, we heard a knocking on the door and I screamed so loudly! After that, the lights went out, just like the title of the horror film……. I tried to call my mum but there was no signal. We didn't even have a flashlight! I was crying and I was super scared. After a while, we heard footsteps on the stairs! My brave cousin stood up and said, ''I am going to find out who is down there and what he wants from us''


He was walking down the stairs when he screamed, ''THERE IS A SHADOW OVER HERE, HEEEEELP!!''


Then I found a candle and a lighter and I gave them to him. As he was going downstairs, he saw my dad speaking on a microphone and making all these sounds and he had a weird machine that was making the shadows all over the house!


When our cousin told us that, we all went downstairs and we were laughing. But suddenly, all the lights went out again! We were all shocked! But we realized that the Halloween's spirit was at our place this year……..