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ALICE By Mike Mourtzhs D1 Neon Aegina

It was late as Alice locked the door and turned off the lamp. She had started to climb the stairs when she heard a strange noise from upstairs. "Weird", she said to herself. "Are they here already?" 

She took her phone out of her jeans' pocket and dialled her father's phone number.

"Hello?" a voice came out of her phone.

"Hi Dad! Where are you?" she said.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but the car broke down and we're staying here for the night" 

"Oh, ok then, That's weird", she said. "Because I heard a strange noise coming from the attic and I thought it was Ben. He's always there, playing around all the garbage from the previous owner." Her father sounded like he was scared, like he had heard this before.

"What's wrong, Dad?" 

"RUN!" He shouted. "DONT GO TO TH- ………… "

The line was cut off. The lights went out and Alice was standing there in a cold dark room, scared and confused.

Alice suddenly felt a cold breeze and later, she heard the strange noise again, but this time, even louder. It sounded like footsteps. She screamed and ran to the door she had just left and ran to the living room. She kept running into objects she didn't recognise. She couldn't see anything! She took out her phone for the flashlight. Dead. Her battery had died a second ago.

She started looking for a torch or some candles. She found one and light it up. She was in the attic. She didn't know how she ended up in there. She ran to the door but it was locked. She started looking for any windows but she couldn't find any.  She had never gone in there before. And then she heard it….. the noise. The noise was now followed by a little girl's voice. 'DIE, DIE, DIE!" Alice rushed to close the now open door but before that…… this thing came in. She rushed to the back of the attic and put her back against the wall.

A minute passed. She went into the door and peeked throught the keyhole. As she went closer, she felt like somebody was watching her. Watching her. 

She looked. Red.

Then a face came and looked right into her eyes. She screamed and went a few steps back. As she was looking at the door, waiting for it to open, she felt something. A hand.

And all she heard was

"Ssssh, Daddy's home".

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BREAKING NEWS: A house was burned to the ground last night at 12 am last night, with a 14 year old girl inside. Her father was in tears screaming

The only thing he could say was

Theyre back.

And they want revenge