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The spooky Halloween night by Vasiliki Chrysochoou D1 Neon, Aegina

I'd say it was about ten o'clock in the evening and I was waiting for my friends to go trick or treating.  I was watching TV when I heard a loud knock on my front door. "Yes"? I called and went ahead and opened the door - here's where the fun begins - I thought, as I was sure trick or treating had just started.


  I ran down to get the candies but when I got back to the door, the kid had already left.  A strange thing about this kid was that he had never asked me, '"trick or treat", he had just looked at me. Another strange thing was that he'd tried to get inside my house. I ran to call my friends but suddenly, all the lights went off and I started panicking and screaming. After a while, some strange noises were coming from my garden so I went to see and I saw the strange boy again, wearing a scary clown costume and… yes! I screamed again! But this  time, the boy didn't leave. He waited……      


Finally, my friends came and took me to go trick or treating. We said that we should go to the big 'haunted' house for fun, and this was how spent our Halloween night. I was a little bit scared but I didn't want my friends to know because they would think I was a little kid, so I didn't say anything. We spent several hours in this house until we heard some weird noises coming from the big, dark living room. And yes…….we went inside! At first, we didn't see anything, but as we were getting closer to another door, my best friend Popy fell to the floor. We picked her up and we got out of there!


We went back to my house but when we turned on the lights, we saw that Popy had a big red stain on her t-shirt. We returned to that house again but this time, we said that we should turn on all the lights, which is what we did. Suddenly, as we were turning on the lights, a big piece of the ceiling fell down on the floor, which was full of blood, and that's when we realised that this house was haunted. When we walked in again,we saw dead bodies and skeletons. From her suprise,Mary dropped her phone in the blood, but the blood would not come off. We said that something weird was happening.


We searched all the rooms. When we saw the bathroom, we walked in slowly because, we could hear a weird noise, that sounded like a plastic bath toy when you squish it. When we walked inside, we saw guts hanging around from the toilet flush. We were starting to freak out so we ran to leave the house but the doors were locked! After a few hours, I found a open window and that is how we escaped. But anothe suprise was waiting for us. We saw that strange kid was inside my house, and waiting for canies!


-And that's how the story ends! Goodnight!


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The Black movie

Today a little girl lives in a small Village! 

Her parents are leaving and say to the little girl don't watch the Black movie! But the girl watches this movie and then goes to sleep! A man break the door and goes in her house! The man goes to her bedroom and kills her dog! The girl goes to the bathroom. The man hears her and kill her! 

the last time charlie saw his friends

8 years ago, during the previous Halloween, there was a man called Charlie. He looked about 24 years old. Every year, he was going with his friends and knocking doors, waiting for people to offer him some sweets. Every year, it went very well and they got lots of sweets.    

  Some people still talk about a man who keeps the people who go alone at his home, and no one knows what happens to these people. Charlie didn't know where this man's house was, but he wasn't afraid  of him  because he had friends with him, so that man couldn't do anything bad. One Halloween, Charlie was visiting some homes with his friends to get some sweets.  

  While his friends were relaxing  in the forest, he decided to visit a strange house alone because he was too curious to see what was inside that totally black-painted house. He had forgotten the rumours about the bad guy who kept people.  He knocked on the door and the guy who opened it hit him with a wooden bat. Charlie fainted and the guy draged him into a cave next to his house.

Janet’s doll

Once upon a time a little girl named Janet, bought a doll for her birthday. It was like Janet. The same hair color, eye color. One day she played with this doll but she hit it and throw it in the room. Before she goes to sleep she put her doll on theself next to her. She fell asleep but she heard footsteps. She woke up and saw the doll under the bed. She put it in the self again and fell asleep again. But this time heard louder footseps. She found the doll in front of her. She went downstairs to drink some water and then went upsters to her room. She lied in her bed and heard a whisper saying " I haven't got an eye, my half mouth is open and my tammy is open" said the doll " Now, is your time to pay"

The next day, Janet's parents shouted "Janet, time for school!" No answer. They went upstairs in her room and saw her with one eye, half mouth open and her tummy open. Next to her, they saw her doll smiling with a knife in her hand.

armando prenga D1

On the evening of Halloween,it was raining.There were 3 murders in one day in a forest in the mountains and a playground.The murders were committed on Saturday 14th that evening,the murderer followed the 3 women from three different areas.When she was caught in a tounel and the three murders were committed in different ways.The first woman they killed was gunned down the second was killed with a knife and the last woman was killed and left in a village.After that,they left and disappeared in 3 different countries and were found.The reason that killed 3 woman was he did not know how to do it and they all did it on the evening of Halloween and so created the most terrible night of Halloween.The End 


The Mirror ~

   At the night of Halloween three middle school girls decided to have a sleepover, to play games, tell scary stories and have fun!

   It was almost midnight and the girls were joking around while playing truth or dare. Then one of them said "I dare you to play with the Ouija Board* ,or else you are a chicken! " The other girl quickly responded "I am not a chicken! " and she grabbed the board from the bookself. She got the board out of its box and placed it in the middle of the carpet. She then put her shaking fingers on the triangular planchette* and talked out loud " Hello, if there are any spirits here that wanna talk to us go ahead." She gulped and closed her eyes while the planchette slowly moved on the wooden surface of the board forming the words: Im here. The girl removed her fingers from it as fast as she could, without saying goodbye and putted the Ouija board back in its box. 

   At 1am the girls all got tired and decided to go to bed. One of them still hadn't recovered from the Ouija incident so they let one candle lit as a source of light. None of the girls could sleep so they were just talking in their beds. 2 am. There was a sound from the hall. 2:30 am. The sound got louder. 2:45 am. There was a loud bang on the door followed by the girls screams. 3:00 am, also known as the witches hour. The candle went out. They could feel the chills running down there spine. The temperature fell. One of the girls got up and turned the lights on. 

   They looked around the room expecting someone to be there but there was no one. They checked to see if the Ouija board was in the bookself and it was. After a while they were planning on going to sleep again. One of the girls turned around to see her reflection on the mirror. A tall shadow figure was standing next to her leaning its face towards her head. She screamed and turned to face the creature but nothing was there. The mirror cracked. There were screams. Everything went black. But there is one thing ill never forget. The shadow in the mirrror. It looked exactly like the one that stares at me when i go to sleep every night.




*Ouija board: also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words "yes", "no", "hello" and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic called a planchette. Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words. The planchette is supposed to move by the help of spirits.


Halloween videos.

Haloween Day!!!

On the evening of Haloween's day I was gone from home and when I turned I found the door open and the lights all closed.I went to the kitchen and found a knife full of blood on the table.I was fed so much!!!

An unexpected death…


All the usuall stories start with the phrase " Once upon a time.." the one that I know starts like that….. 

Unce upon a death…. a crew of young children were celebrating Halloween.

They were all to Amy's house, playing board – games and laughing.

Markus tried to tell a scary story and show the other children how brave he was…

The story was about a young girl who lost her life by mistake.

The girl's spirit is hunting every acking soul so she won't be alone…..

When the story ended, all the children laughed really loud….

Suddenly, the lights went off and a shadow appeared…

A scream sounded and after that silence….

The other day, the police found out children's death bodies….

Nobody can give a solution to this weird fact since today…surprise

Can you guess what happened…

Who will be the next victim???  


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The doll

Once upon a time, there was a litte girl named Mary. She loved playing with dolls and one day she saw a beautiful doll with blond hair and blue eyes. After a few days her mother bought her the doll. But unfortunately, the other doll that she had which had black hair and green eyes got angry because Mary didn't play with her and. The next day little Mary woke up and when she looked herself at the mirror she understood that her half body was like old doll's one and the other half was like the new doll's body. So, don't stop playing with your old dolls!!!