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The old house at the end of the street had been empty for years, until last week when an old couple moved in. They were friendly, talkative, but something was off about them. So, as an adventurous kid which Melanie was, she decided to find out more about them.

Her family and her became really close to the old couple. They had a lot of barbecues the first 2 weeks. Melanie's parents learned some tragic news. Their cottage in Indiana had burned down and they had to leave immediately. So, they decided, to let Melanie stay at the old couple's house for a week, till they returned. Bingo! That was Melanie's chance to look into them a little more.

The first 3 days were good, however, Melanie noticed that early in the mornings, they used to go down to the basement and lock themselves in there. One day, she woke up early to spy on them, and luckily for her, the basement door was unlocked. She went down the stairs slowly, and there they were! They were wearing black cloaks and were floating in the air! However, their skin… It was… green! They were aliens!

She left the house in fear and stayed at her best friend's house informing her parents about the situation. When her parents came back to confront them it was too late… They left without a trace, leaving the house behind with a note that said, 'see you next year'.The Creel House | Stranger things, Stranger things wallpaper, Stranger  things season


The old house by Natasa Stakia D2 NEON Aegina

The old house at the end of the street had been empty for years. One day in that neighbourhood where the house was a guy called Kevin was walking. Kevin was homeless and he saw the house. He knocked on the door but nobody answered Kevin decided to go inside the house. The door was locked and Kevin decided to break a window. He slept until the bell rang. He opened the door and saw a child waiting. It was the night of Halloween. The child was waiting to trick or treat. Kevin didn’t have anything to give to the kid. The kid who was very friendly and good hearted, gave Kevin some sweets from the other homes. The kid left and Kevin closed the door but then, the bell rang again and there were four kids. Kevin opened the door. The kids were unusual because Kevin saw they had sharp teeth. He went to the kitchen to bring some candies to give them. While they were leaving the house, Kevin saw from the door what all the children were unusual. While they were walking to the next house, the pumpkins which were fake , were moving. Kevin wanted to warn the neighbour so He went to the back of the house to warn neighbour who said < Thank you I will not open the door > When Kevin was going to the old house he saw some things that were very weird. He saw some colourful pumpkins dancing and smiling and some spiders flying. Kevin decided to leave the house. Kevin immediately left the house and became homeless again. While Kevin was walking, he saw unusual children who were actually vampires. The kids were chasing Kevin to drink his blood and Kevin ran into a forest where the kids lost him.

The creepy night by Nektarina D1 NEON Aigina

A Halloween Story by Nektarina D1

It was the, Halloween night. I was with my new friends Albina, Sophia, Nektaria and Velson and we were collecting candies from all our neighbours ….. But I was new in this neighbourhood, so I didn't know the houses very well. Suddenly, I saw an abandoned house at the and of the street.
It was a very big house with a big garden. After that, I asked my friends what was that house and their reaction was very serious because they didn't know anything about this house and they were shocked.
Suddenly, we heard something breaking and we all saw an old man at the window of the abandoned house, looking at us.
We all felt scared, especially when we saw lights  coming from the abandoned house….. So we ran home and went to our houses.
The next day, in the newspapers, they were writing about this house and some children that had been found dead.  ,One of them was our friend, Velson. We were all so sad about Velson. Creepy??? I don't think so…..

By Nektarina D1      Happy Halloween. 

What Makes a House Feel Haunted? | Psychology Today


Halloween Spooky Story by Nektarios Giannoulis

Don't go inside the old goatshed at the end of the garden", the landlord told her."It's not safe", she recalled. But how did she get there?


  It was a fine mid-autumn afternoon and the weather was cold, a bit cloudy. Olivia was in the coziness of her house, enjoying the warmth of her fireplace. Suddenly her cell-phone rang furiously, like a siren, and before she had time to react, an astounding sound occurred. In a split second, the ceiling vanished, furniture started flying upwards. Olivia ran for cover, but it was hopeless. It was a hurricane. As Olivia was running, trying protect herself, everything suddenly became quiet. She went outside to only find that her place was uninhabitable; a huge pile of rumble and broken glass stood where a house should be. With a high- pitched sound in her ears, she looked around, in a desperate attempt to find somewhere to spend the night, and there it was; the goatshed.


 The goatshed was a rather intimidating looking building, only ever fully explored by the landowner. When opening the thick, hard palmwood door of the shed, Olivia was amazed by a cozy-looking small room, vintage from from floor to ceiling. Contrary to her expectations, the room was clean and warm. Olivia started searching around, fascinated by some old, Hakata dolls, still in good shape. She picked a funny-looking one up, laughed at it and then went on, trying to find a blanket. 


As she was returning to an armchair she had spotted, with a soft blanket in her arms, she realised the high-pitched noise was still there, annoying her, and it was getting increasingly louder. Suddenly in pain, she looked in front of her where a fishbowl stood and she saw her reflection. With blood coming out of her ears, she panicked and fell to the floor, unconscious.


 Unaware of how much time had passed, she woke up, only to find out her clothes were ripped and full of blood. She struggled to get up, her legs were trembling, her hands were hard to move, and she had big scar on her chest. The sound, however, was gone, as if a beast who had been screaming inside of her had now got out, she thought. She looked behind her and found a medieval-looking staircase in the place of what should have been a Virgin Mary’s statue. 

 In pure fear and curiosity, she gathered her strength to go down the stairs. While she was going down, step by step, the high-pitched sound came back, but this time, it sounded like a voice. Her legs gave out and she fell down, all the way to the bottom of the staircase. She was stunned, with a broken leg and hand and with blood coming out of unimaginable places. She looked up, she saw the Hakata doll on top of a pentagram, holding her heart. The last thought she had before passing out was, “Don't go inside the old goatshed at the end of the garden", the landlord told her. "It's not safe”.”Silly me” she gasped.


Hakata Doll World | Enjoy the wonderful world of Hakata Doll3,785 Bloody Human Heart Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects, & Vectors |  ShutterstockFile:Demolished house Alftanes 1.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

The End of the Street by Natalia Gianni D2 Neon, Aegina

The old house at the end of street had been empty for years. On Halloween,I wanted to do something crazy with my best friend, Angelina. But although my friend was very scared, we has decided to go to the old house at the end of the street anyway. There a woman living these who likes knives, but one day, a mound sound was heard and we never saw her again. After we entered the house, there was a living room with a large library and we sat to see what books there were.we were there for about one hour. It had nice books. After a white, all the doors started moving and we were scared,but we stayed to see the other trims with the torch. We arrived to her room and on the bed,there were a lot knives with real blood.It was scary. We looked in her closet and all the clothes were covered in blood.Then we went to the kitchen and we saw the woman with the knife. We started to run but we saw the woman kill herself.We called the police but the police never found her body.She died by mistake.


Sacrifice by Rika Sharif D2 NEON Aegina

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Felix. He was a really quite quiet person so that's why most of the people in his school spread rumours about him. One day, a new guy called Chris  came to his school and that guy he heard lot's lots of bad rumours about Felix. That's  which was why he wanted to know the truth about him, like is – was he really a serial killer?

So Chris decided to go and talk to him . Chris said hi to him but Felix just looked at him and Chris was a little angry about that but he let it  slide. "I'm new here and I'm looking for friends. Are you interested? " Chris asked him, but Felix said no with a really cold tone, which made  Chris even more curious about him so he decided to follow him after school and see what he was hiding.

The school had just ended and while Chris was following Felix, he heard him talking with someone on the phone, who sounded really creepy, just like Felix. Felix was walking for about an hour till he went inside a building. Chris obviously followed him, but he instantly regretted it because the door of the building suddenly closed. Chris looked behind him and saw Felix and Jake, another quite quiet kid of the school, holding a knife and Felix was holding a book. "Hahaha! You thought I didn't know that you were following me!  Felix said loudly. Jake went and stabbed Chris in his heart while Felix was reading some weird things from the book which made Chris understand that he was like a witch and Felix had just sacrificed him to the devil………..    

Silent Boy'' Creepypasta | Wiki | MrCreepyPasta Amino  

The man behind the tall tree – Megan D1 neon

It was the 31st when I saw the playback from the outside cameras of my house.


Every night, I would take out my dog for a little walk, because he loved night walks.

We would always walk through the whole neighbourhood and back. It was an eight-minute walk. I was scared to go further, not only because it was night and dark, but also because my dog was starting to act really strangely when we would pass by a green tall house every night. It was quite creepy, I could tell. But then I thought that it was not a big deal, so I just kept walking.

The next night, we were passing by that green house again, but something was feeling really odd to me about it this time. The curtains were always closed, so was the garage. The house was quite big, with a big garden, surrounded by tall trees. The lights were always off, but there as always a little candle that was lit by the front door of the house. So, I knew someone was living there. But I had never seen anyone leaving or entering the house, even in the morning……

…..I have now moved to another neighbourhood, really far from the old one where I was living. After that night, after everything, after all these noises. I never wanted to walk in the night again, especially in that neighbourhood. It's been five months, and I still don't know how to feel about it.

I had never noticed a weird old man dressed all in black, standing outside of this green house behind a tree every night waiting for his next victim. I don't know if he did all that because he wanted to prepare for halloween and get in the mood. But I also don't think that it's normal watching people at night behind a tree, dressed all in black. The man was very mysterious and insanely creepy. He had black eyes, or maybe it was fake contacts for halloween, or maybe not. Had my dog noticed him the whole time? Is that the reason he'd started to act strangely when we were passing by that house? I'll never know.

Spooky Story by argiris

As he is walking down the hallway, he hears a loud scream. Terrified, he starts walking faster and faster, hoping to outrun the danger of whatever he heard, to the point where he starts to run. When he reaches his room, he shuts the door behind and barricades it, but whatever was chasing him, however, is able to penetrate it. It tears down the door, it removes the obstacles, it walks towards him and gouges his eyes out, it eating them with dissatisfaction. It smashes his legs and arms and turns them into pure blood, drinking it with distaste right off the floor. It decapitates him, separating the head from his body, then smashing the entirety of his body and head alike, drinking it afterwards with discontent. Having no more flesh to eat and blood to drink, it continues its rampage.


It adventures in the night, seeking someone to fill with anguish. Every day, it finds more and more victims for it to devour and feed on; hopeless, helpless people. A merciless, devastating, and brutal creature that leaves nothing but grief and sorrow on its path, full of lust for blood. It thirsts for it, lives on it, thrives on it. It endlessly consumes it to satisfy its need for existence, hoping to achieve something in doing so, while in reality, it leads it to madness. It is on a never-ending journey towards redemption but it usually shatters all of its hard work. No one can escape it in this damned world, and no one is safe from it. It is something you can neither hide from or outrun. You will eventually have to face it. Maybe you will survive. But the outcome of the conflict will forever change your soul.


What is it, you may ask?
Well, then, let me tell you…
Capitalism at its finest

scary halloween story by giota

dream of a nightmare 

It’s Saturday, October 30th, 1999. Diana wakes up and is heading down to the kitchen to enjoy her breakfast when a boyish, assertive voice fills her head. It was Jack, her imaginary best friend, he’s who’s been with her since forever. You might conjecture this is a peculiarly sick joke, but the truth is that Diana is a maladaptive daydreamer. She spends excessive amounts of time daydreaming, and while she knows it is an unhealthy coping mechanism, but she disregards such information. Basically, a maladaptive daydreamer, Diana suffers from mental health problems, mostly anxiety, and struggles to deal with problemsso Jack is here to help. Something scarily fascinating about Diana is that she often has these surreal, phantasmagorical fantasies of murder tattooed in on her twisted brain. 

As Halloween approaches, her daydreams appear to be more graphic and disturbing. It always starts the same way: she is trick-or-treating in her gloomy and squalid neighborhood when suddenly, a totally black costumed figure violently murders everyone, leaving her until last, and that’s how it ends. Diana is aware of what’s happening in real life. She can separate imagination and reality. She has also made several attempts to seek help, but everyone stares at her sympathetically and nods understandingly, leaving her drowning in the ocean of her repulsive thoughts.

Sunday, October 31st, 9:30am. Diana is out, having experienced a gut-wrenching wrecking feeling that her dream might as well become a morose reality. After trick-or-treating, she decides to return home. She’s having her usual late-night paranoia and talking with Jack when, out of the blue, all she can hear is an ominous silence; rather sweet confirmation of the unknown figure to give her, she thought thinks. Having been mentally prepared, Diana almost submits herself to her illusory murderer. What one declares rational, another acts out irrationalities.  Normally, one would run away for their life, but Diana just wants a drop of the sweet release’s taste, and her wish is his command. 



2-sentence scary stories by giota

1. The longer I wore it the more it grew on me. She had such pretty skin 

(you can tell i watched silence of the lambs recently)

See the source image  (joking that's the legendary dwight)


2. The little girl had a pair of blue iridescent comely eyes

key word: had

(for legal reasons I won't delight you in posting a picture)