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Hounded doll by Xanthoula C1

Once upon a time,there was a family in a village . The family was dad,mum, and a little girl,Lilian.They had moved to another house and in Lilian’s new room,there was a small closet.In the little closet Lilian found a doll…..This doll was not in such good condition but the little girl loved this doll and she didn’t leave was scary.One night,the doll came to life and the little girl understood the doll went to the kitchen she had intended to kill the little girl.The little girl woke up and magically the doll was .Bach on her bed and she failed to kill little Lilian.The next day after nightfall, and everyone was sleeping, the doll woke up and killed little Lilian.The parents left this house and house remained hounded! comments (0) Show ESMS