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Jimmys spooky story

I was in there, with the door locked. One of my co-workers was with me. Then I saw him take a knife out……..

    My story started when I was still a young man. At the time, I was full of energy and I loved my job. I worked as an astronaut for an anonymous company. To be an astronaut there, you had to be at least a class C. Everyone that joined started off as a class F and had to climb up the ranks by doing what the company assigned them them to do. I did it. That was my life's mistake.


    I got my first team and we were sent to an abandoned space station that had been found. No one knew how it got there, not even the company. I was scared but also really excited. Our goal was to get there and get it to work again.

When we got there, everything was normal. We all knew each other and trusted each other to the fullest. Some of us were even family. The first day went normally and we got the lights to work again. The second day thouhg – that is when things really got creepy. Damien, one of my really close friends, was sent to fix the oxygen. After an hour, I got worried and went to the oxygen room. That is where I saw him. He was dead, eaten in half with his back bone sticking out. I then carried his corpse to the meeting room and called a meeting. I told everyone what I knew. We were all spooked out and thought that an alien creatured had killed him. That was not the case……. 

After two days, three more of our men had died. One of them was my brother. That made me make it my life's goal to find out why and how they were killed. One day, when I was investigating, I went into the room where I'd fixed the lights days before. My friend George was with me. When I saw a vent big enough to fit a human next to where we found one of the bodies, I thought I'd found out something and told George. He then said, ' I see', and the doors closed. I asked him what was happening and he said, "I don't know". Then, I heard the vent open. I saw Michael, looking like an alien creature from a low-budget horror movie,  holding John's Head. He then took out a knife and tried to kill me and George. We ran fast enough to call a meeting. With the instructions we got from base, we were able to kick out Michael into outer space. George said, "Phew!" 

But after we'd killed Michael, I saw a really strange grin on his face. To be continued……