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Spooky story by Mirvete Kaca NEON Aegina D1

It was Halloween. My friends and I were going out soon to play a prank or for a treat like all kids our age. From time to timethe bell would ring (ding dong). Then, the children came, Broody, Anna, Emily and Aston. I went to the door and as soon as I opened it, they came in without me even giving them permission. What was I waiting for, since I knew them? 

"Come on, guys. Shall we start?" said Brody, and like a machine god (a typical expression from the first high school Odyssey) I woke up from the lethargy I was feeling. "Yes, guys, let's go"Emily agreed and then we started crossing the streetsringing the doorbells.

"Guys, I can't take it anymore. Let's sit somewhere," Aston told us and without a second thoughtwe started walking to the park we had seen a few minutes before. "Hahahaha"we were all laughing together at Anna's joke when something was heard from across the street and our laughing cut off. 

"Did you hear that too?" Emily asked in horror

"Guys, calm down. It's the wind" but he did not have time to finish because he heard it louder again.

"Do you want to go and see what is happening there?" I suggestedbut everyone looked at me strangely until they agreed with me. We were all holding hands as we went to the house that seemed to exist as soon as we entered the alley. Strangesince it was a very beautiful houseat least from the outside.

"Shall we go inside?" Aston asked. I agreed with him and then the other children. 

"Did you hear thattoo?" Anna asked in horror, but no one managed to answer because all of a suddenall the windows, drawers, cupboards, books, pens and newspapers started to fall and fly in the air, and from a beautifulcolourful house, it became dark and scary. We started runningBefore the front door closed, we managed to get out but when we were sure we were all there, we started running. We heard different sounds from the house again and we tried to run as fast as we could…….

Two days have passed since that happened. Two whole days that all the kids have been at my house and we have not gone out at allI don't know what was all that fuss in that house but I really do not want to know. The only thing that seems strange to me is that I went to this street a few weeks ago but that house was never thereI can't understand what happened but I really do not want to know.

The End