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Spooky story by Afrodite Gjabri D2 NEON,Aegina

Two years ago, I went to the library with my friends because it was the reading day. When I went to take a book, one other book fell open and pulled me inside it. The book's name was 'The Lost Child" and I appeared in Allou Fun Park. There were a lot of people like always, so I went to ask someone what year it was and she told me that it was the year2015. 

After that, all the people left and I was alone. I heard the child screaming for help and I ran to see what was happening.  When I finally  got there, there was a key on the ground and a letter saying that I had to find out where the key belonged by midnight, because otherwisethe child would die. I started running and asking whoever I could from the few people left if this key could fit somewhere. Suddenly, I found a man and he told me that there was a safe in a haunted house, where no one dared to go. I asked him why and he told me that whoever went  never came back… I started to panic!  He also said that if I succeeded, I could make her human again. 

I went to the haunted house and as soon as I enteredsome strange noises started and  the girl's voice asked me what I was doing there. I explained to her what had happened and she agreed to help me. She told me where the safe was and I immediately ran to open it. asked her what the myth was and said to me that many years ago, a girl had died, because she entered the book and she couldn't find where the key belonged. Insidethere was a map and I had 1 hour to find the child and make the girl human again. We finally got to where it all started in Allou Fun Park. The child was on the ground and as soon as the girl saw the man, she realized, that he was her brother. We ran and asked him how he'd got there. He said he had done everything for his sister and that, he'd come here to help her to get out of the book. The book, came in front of us and we jumped in.

From then on, we became friends forever. After that, we threw the book in the sea, so  nobody could find it. But two years later,  two girls went to the beach  and saw that 's a book had been washed up on the beach by the sea……


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