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Narwhales or unicorns of the sea are midle sised tooth whales.This marine mammals are known for their characteristic unicorn horn that only the 15% of the males have!

 In the past this tusk was so valuable that only kings had the wright to own one. In the 16th century a task worth 10.000 pounds was given to Queen Elizabeth as  a gift. The narval's tusk can reach up to 3 meters and grows throughout its life. Although it is a tooth it is different from the teeths we know; It is relativily flexible from the outside and more compact to the inside. Males use this tooth or as a weapon or as a way to atract the females or it helps them understand the differencies of the temperature, but non of thiese theories have been proved.

For both sexes, inclouding the horn, narwhale's total body size can range from 4 to 5,5 meters long. The average weight of an adult narwhale is 800 – 1.600 kg and they live up to 50 years.Their pigmentation is a pattern; They are white, with blackish – brown spots. They are darker when they get born and become whiter with age. 

Adult sea unicorns mate between April and May. Females give birth between June and August the following wear, as their pregnancy lasts 14 months.



Unfortunatly narwhales are in danger. There aren't many laws of narhwales protection and the climate change destroys their natural habitats.

Kalypso Ntagianty