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Only in Stories, Peter, CPE, NEON Aegina

I am starting to regret coming on this camping trip. A few people from school organized it and I decided to join in. Although I did have a reason for coming, I haven't had the opportunity to do what I'd planned yet. Right now it's dark out, and everyone is sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows

I'm bored…” a kid sitting next to me says, perfectly expressing my mood. “Does anyone know a good story?”

Martin, you should tell the one about the couple who got lost in the woods! Werewolves always scare me,” someone else suggests, nudging Martin on the shoulder.

I perk up at that.Werewolves? This is gonna be interesting. Martin jumps at the opportunity and immediately starts telling us the story.

Only a few years ago, a young couple, while on holiday, stopped in these very woods. They sat in a clearing, enjoying each other's company. The sun was almost gone and they were having a picnic, watching it set. After a while, they got in their car to leave, but before they could even turn the engine on, they heard a howl from the trees. By now, the moon was clearly visible overhead, and it was full, as it is today.

The girl was scared. She talked about werewolves and other creatures, but the boy comforted her. Such things only exist in stories, you see. They can't really harm us. However, as they backed out of the woods and onto the road, he saw a dark humanoid figure standing on the edge of the forest. It ran towards their car, almost blindingly fast. The girl started screaming and the boy slammed the accelerator.

The car was no match for the werewolf's speed, for now they could clearly see what it was. A hulking mass of bone, muscle and fur, it attacked them fiercely, trying to pierce the metal of the vehicle with its claws. By now, the boy was screaming too, hoping that the beast couldn't tear open their car. Of course, he hoped in vain, since, as we all know, a werewolf's claws are sharp as a razor.

When the monster got in the car, it made quick work of the passengers. It killed and ate them, then left their bones in the car, as a reminder of its danger. It will do the same to anyone who enters the forest, if given the chance. And that's why you should never come to these woods on the night of a full moon…”

As the gasps uttered at the climax of the story die down, everyone looks up at the moon. Of course, it's full, like in the story. I grin, exposing a set of too-sharp teeth. Aside from the fact he called me 'it', I couldn't have come up with a better introduction myself.