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Prohibition, Adamantia, CPE, Neon Aegina

Wednesday 25 October, 1990.


                                           Cinco Saltos, Argentina. 08:00 am.


Cinco Saltos has been reported to have a number of evil spirits, most of them reportedly as a result of witchcraft.




The School Principal announced, ‘’From now on, the entrance to the school’s basement is prohibited and whoever attempts going down there gets suspended. Do I make myself clear?’’

   Everybody was aware of this place’s history and they did nothing but agree to what the principal said. But there was this one girl, who never listened to anybody but her instinct, who always got what she wanted. Everybody was scared of her and nobody could ever say no to her. To be honest, her instinct had got her in trouble multiple times, but as long as I can remember, there were few times whenit proved her wrong.  


History class, 08:30-09:15am.


I could see her writing non-stop on this paper. It seemed as if she was making a plan. I intentionally threw my pencil to the ground to see what she had been planning. In fact, I already knew, but what I saw on that paper was beyond my imagination.  Not only was she planning on breaking into school at midnight and going to the prohibited basement, but she wanted my company as well. As I saw my name on that list, I started shaking and sweating. I went back to my seat, tried to calm myself down, and then I tried to figure out what I would do. I knew well that she wouldn’t take no as an answer. 


End of school day, 15:30pm.


There I was, walking out of class, all sweating and wondering why she hadn’t approached me yet. As I was walking down the aisle, a raspy voice coming from my back, whispered my name and said: ‘’Bus stop. Midnight. I’ll see you there’’.

My voice cracked, ‘’O-kay’’


Home 16:00pm


was trying to eat lunch but my hands were shaking. I saw my mum from across the table looking at me.


‘’Is everything alright love?’’ She seemed to worry a lot,


‘’Y-yes mum, just had a rough day at school, that’s all’’


It was the first time I’d ever lied to my mum. I felt terrible and I knew it would not end well.


‘’Okay love, you should get some rest then’’.


As I got up from the table and headed upstairs, I realised that I had to come up with an excuse about the night. I decided to say that I would sleep over at Betty’s, who was my best friend back then.




The bus stop was five minutes from my house, and as I was walking, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I got there and waited for that girl. Random thoughts like, ‘’what if that girl is actually evil’’ or ‘’what if she tries to kill me’’ would haunt my mind. I started shaking again. 





No sign of the girl. I started to get worried until she showed up few minutes later. We started walking to school and as we were getting closer, I realised something strange. I could hear her heart beating way faster than mine, her breathing was getting heavier and heavier, as though as she knew what awaited us. I didn't bother checking up on her at all, I knew she was strong herself.




We had just climbed the front gate of school and were walking down tothe basement door. We soon realised that we didn't have any keys so we tried to break the locker. After a couple of minutes, we did, as the door was really old. Everything was dark and scary. She lit a candle, I held her hand and we were slowly going in. As we were walking, we heard a scream. We both freaked out and screamed back. She tried to calm me down but it was impossible. It was getting colder and colder and that basement felt like a maze. My breath was really loud,so was my heartbeat. 

   ''SHHHH'' she aggressively said and shut my mouth with her hand. ''Did you hear that?''

I nodded, still shaking.  She seemed like she knew where she was going and that creeped me out even more. I couldn't understand if she was actually scared or she was trying to mess with me. We kept on walking for some time until we heard a loud bang on a door. We didn't know which door so she insisted on finding it. I wanted to leave but she wouldn't let me. For a moment, I thought that she wanted to sacrifice me. All these nonsensical thoughts were running inside my head while I was in that basement. 


We started going deeper, the darkness was filling up the small holes that light could pass through and something smelled really bad as we were heading to that door. Constant screams and bangs could be heard, but to me, they sounded very numb. It almost felt like a dream, I didn't know where I was. Had I gone mad?Then something dragged the girl, covered her mouth and disappeared. I couldn't do anything but search for her. I was walking slowly to where the knockings and the footsteps could be heardI was covering my mouth and trying to get myself together.


I finally reached that door. I could hear her screaming and asking for help. I pushed the door. I couldn't believe what I was seeing……… I thought I was dreaming. I blinked a few times and it was real. I saw the Principal with my mum, my classmates and her. What were they doing? They had just pulled a Halloween prank on me. At first, I was mad, but that's something I'll never forget.