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Scary House by Orfeas D1 Neon, Aegina

One day, me and two friends went to a scary house . My mum sai'd not go to this house because as our age . She had been with her friends and one of them had been killed. 

 After two hours, we were bored and my mum went to the supermarket to buy something.We said we must go to thise house. The house was very big and beautiful.WE opened the door and we didn't see anything iportant. Only one door, on loked doar .The wind was blowing and the door closed and we heard something say, when something closes, somethng else opens.  Suddenly all of us saw the other door the door which was closed but now was open. When we went to the very small room and,we saw a cross . Suddenly the cross turned upside down and a voice said , you have to answer a question. If you answer it correctly , I will let  you go free but if not, I must kill you . The question is …….   

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για spooky houses