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Safe Paranoia by Jenny Chaldaiaki, CPE, Neon Aegina

Safe Paranoia

It was a peaceful evening, when everything started. Mark had never been keen on ghost hunting. His friend Jack, as a professional ghost hunter, really wanted to take his friend with him on one of his experiments. Mark, a courageous man on the whole, wasn’t afraid of ghosts or the dark. Although something was keeping him sceptical about it,  he decided to go.

Here it was, The Sanatorium Of Parnitha. A variety of spooky stories had taken place here, like the one with the little white-dressed girl who asks for water. So many previous inhabitants supported that they had seen the girl and a lot of other, weird phenomena like this one.

However, Mark didn’t believe in such things. He found them too childish to pay any attention. The only connection he had with that place was his sister Linda-she had developed a madness and doctors had sent her there, because it was believed that the climate there could cure people but she had died in the sanatorium.

When they got into The Sanatorium, they started the experiment immediately. They switched their night vision cameras on and they started. Jack decided to leave Mark on his own in one of the rooms. He was left with a ball and a ghost finder detector to see if there was someone there. 

Nothing seemed to be strange up to that moment, when suddenly, the ball started rolling slowly but Mark didn’t seem to care….. Jack, who was watching him on his camera, told him by his wireless, to open the gadget to see if there was someone there or if it was just the wind. Unfortunately for Jack, it was the wind. 

After so much effort, nothing interesting happened at all. Mark started laughing at Jack while he was switching his camera off, to start his way back home. Jack, disappointed now, walked all the way to the room where Mark was. At that moment, Mark felt so weird as if something bad was about to happen. He started screaming to Jack! Fortunately, Jack got there in time. 

Now, a tender hug enveloped Mark’s body from behind, which seemed to make him relax.  

- "Ahh.. Jack, you are here…. I’m safe now! "

- "Oh, my sweet brother, it's me …Linda"