Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students



Once upon a time on Halloween day, two boys, Nikos and John, were playing football near a spooky house. Suddenly, Nikos' mum shouted to him to tidy his room. At that time, Nikos lost his attention and threw the football ball on the balcony of the spooky house. Nikos and John ran to get the ball but John remembered that house every halloween, it made scarry sounds. But he thought it can be anything….. cats, birds or other animals.

Image result for spooky houseWhen they went in, they didn't know where was the stairs for the second floor where the balcony was. They looked in the 14 rooms of that house. They looked again and again but nothing. Suddenly, Nikos smelled cooked meat with potatoes in the oven. When they went to the kitchen, they saw cut legs and hands with potatoes. Nikos just saw it he vomitted and John fainted. When Nikos stopped vomitting, he woke up John. They ran back to exit but there wasn't! Again, they went back to the kitchen, but the cut legs and hands with potatoes wasn't there. They saw blood on the floor and they followed it. The blood stopped outside the fridge. They decided to open the fridge door and when they opened it, they found the stairs in it.

 They went up. At the end of the stairs, they saw the ball. They went to get it. The ball rolled but they found it again and they got it. When they got it, the ball burst and a hole created on the floor which the boys stepped on. Since that day, no one has seen those boys again……


When…  (The next chapter I will write next halloween!!).

By Nektarios Giannoulis C1.