Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

One Haunted House, One Boy by Antonela Begaj D1 NEON, Aegina

It was October the day that me and my mum moved house, It was in a small village far away from the centre of Aegina. I was very interested to see my new house but something told me that something told that something bad was going to happen. So the next day, we went to the new house. It was very beautiful  and the view was awesome. The thing that I didn't like was that we had only two houses that were near but in one , no one lived there  and in the other, was a small family, who had two kids. They were very young. The came to us and welcomed us. All was good and we had already put all our things in the house. The house was perfect for us. My bedroom was exactly what I wanted.

       The first night that I slept there was good but I felt weird. I thought it was because it was a new house. Some day had passed and when I was home alone , felt weird and when I was went to sleep every night, I heard something scratching under my bed and sometimes, my things wasn't there that I had put when I was  home alone. At night, I heard footsteps above me but we didn't have another floor, so, I thought that it was a cat and I walked to ther roof.

       All these things happening mede me  freak out and I was scared , so I asked my mum about my things that had changed position and she said that she hadn't moved anything. I was very scared  but I didn't say anything. I said to myself that nothing was happening and It was all in my mind.

   One night, was in the living room. My mum was out with her friend and I was alone, chilling and watching TV. I heard something knocking on my door and I went to check out who it was but  nothing was there. I was scared, I was felt awkward and had a feeling that someone was watching me. I went to calling my mum but I didn't want to ruin her day and scare her for nothing. It was pretty late so I went to sleep and the moment I closed my eyes, I heard screaming from a little boy. I got up and with quick movements Iwas out of me house and I went to my neighbours. I was very lucky that they were up. I called my mum and said the she had to come quickly. I told  every thing to my neighbours and when my mum came I said her too. My neighbours told us that there had been a small family who had died there. My mum and I were freaked out and very scared. We couldn't sleep at our house so we slept at our neighbours' and in the morning, we moved out.

   It has been 3 years later now and all was going well until recently I was sleeping and the next day, I woke up with scratching on my back I was very scared and that night, I was too scared to sleep and I was afraid that this boy ghost was back, after much time had passed. I was going to sleep when I heard a whisper in my ear which said that he was back……