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The Dark Road By MARIA M. C1 Neon, Aegina

''The Dark Street''


One night, my best friend, two boys and I were walking in a very dark street with NO people around there. Some days before, we had heard some strange things about this street, that if we walk across it a little bit, we'll see a big scary house and that house is haunted and inside, is a ghost of the old man this house belongs to.   

We walked and before we spotted the house, we suddenly heard some footsteps in the woods! Quietly, step by step, we started to go back, but then, my best friend screamed! I looked behind and I saw a strange man pull her into the woods. My friend and I ran to save her. One of the boys kicked the man and the man fell down. My best friend managed to pull away from the man's hands and then we all started running, but I was the last who started to run and somebody pulled me off my feet and I fell down. I screamed as loud as I was able to. One of the boys ran to me and there was again the strange man who was pulling me. The boy threw a rock carefully at him and he let go my foot. I started to run away with my friend. We followed my best friend and the other boy.

After 4-5 minutes of running, we stopped to rest. Then suddenly, I felt an ache on my knee. I took out my phone and I turned on the flashlight. I had hurt my knee and blood was running of it. In the dark, we heard some strange noises and we were scared, but we had to continue to find the way out of this labyrinth. One of the boys helped me to walk all the way out. Our phones didn't have any signal and after many minutes, we managed to escape and we arrived at a road with lights FINALLY!!! Fortunately, we didn't see this man again. When we calmed down a little, I telephoned to my mum to come take us in front of a cafe. We told her I just fell down and I hurt my knee.

This was the scariest and most stressful thing that has ever happened to me and my friends. I hope nobody goes down that sreet after us….. Or else I think they will have the same luck as we had…….    

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