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The House in the Forest….. by Spyridoula Palli D1, NEON, Aegina

One day, my friend Joanna and I went to the forest in Agia Marina, Aigina. We went there because we wanted to walk. But this forest was very creepy and scary because in the forest was a church and one little house. 

When the sun rose a little, we started to go to the village but we didn't know how. We ran to the right, and to the left but we didn't find the way back. When my friend started to cry, the bells of the church started to ring. We started to run towards the small house but when we went inside we saw blood everywhere. We were scared but we didn't want to go outside. We stayed in the house and we tried to call the parents. There was no internet so we couldn't call them. 

We got up at 5 o'clock and we didn't have any battery on the phones. Outside, it was very cold and scary! When the sun came up, we went out to find a way to go to the village. We walked for 2 hours and we wanted to drink water but we didn't have any. Later, we found a small lake and we went to drink water but next to the lake, we found a dead person and next to the person, we found a knife with blood. We started to walk back to the small house but when we got there, we heard somebody screaming, 'Help help'! We ran outside to help him but we saw a person at the church. We went to him to ask what it was and he looked behind us. When we looked behind, we saw a woman with the knife in her hand………..

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