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The Haunted House by MARY ROPAITI C2, NEON Aegina

Once upon a time, on my birthday, some of my friends were coming to celebrate it! We went for a lot of walks in the area until night was falling…

At one moment, I told my friends about a house near to mine…

"This house is very small and it's in a big, spooky forest! In it, lives an old woman with dozens of her dogs.That woman is very bad and sharp and for that, we must stay away from her!"  I said to my friends.

One of the children, without fear of this fact, proposed to go to this forest and after, to the old women's house! My other friends followed.  I tried to change their minds but they did not care…

I decided to do not go because I thought they will be scared and they will come back quickly!


The hours were passing and my friends did not come. I started to worry about that and I decided to go in the forest to see what happened. I walked into the forest and I looked everywhere but I did not find anyone! I quickly ran back to my house and I told all the adults what happened. Everyone ran to the forest to find the children. I knew that "game" would not be good at all and would get us into trouble! They separated and scattered to make it easier to find the children but with no luck – they did not even find one child!

They decided to call the police. It was the only solution! My dad realized that no one was looking in a place….. at the house! Yes, at the house where lived the malicious, old woman! They were afraid to go in it, but they had to do it for the children.The adults went into the house, except me and my big cousin.

We returned home and waited with the hope that parents returned with my friends. The time passed without anyone returning back. We called the police! The Police were coming and we led them into the forest.They walked to the woman's house and went in!


They never came back… I didn't know what happened, but I was very scared of this place! Then, suddenly……. I woke up after this terrible nightmare!

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