Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The haunted House by Argi D1

Our story starts on the island of Aegina.It was Halloween.Two friends,Tom and John were sleeping at John's house for the night.At the end of the street where John lived,there was a haunted house.

The house's owner,Mr Brown had died 25 years ago.John wanted to discover what was in the house,but he was afraid to go alone.So he told Tom and they both agreed.There they were,in front of the house and it was 8 o' clock at night.

In the haunted house,there was a light on.They went inside.When they got inside,a voice said  "welcome".The door behind them closed. 'You have four hours to escape or else you 'll become monsters'!There was a staircase,a hallway and a living room.Tom decided to go alone.He went up the staircase and John went to the living room.John found out that next to the living room,there was a library.A sign said "Family Library".He wanted to search for a book about the house.Meanwhile Tom saw a lot of pictures of Mr. Brown.John,finnaly found the book!But when he pulled it from the bookshelf,a hole under his feet opened and he fell down into a cave.It was very dark.He was glad to have a flashlight to see in the darkness.

Tom found a room.The door opened,but because it had never been opened in 25 years,it was very difficult.Finally it opened.

He heard a noise..Brainnssss!In that room there were a bunch of zombies.He quickly ran out of the room.He locked the door.But he knew they 'd eventually get out.It was just a matter of time.

John turned on the flashlight.He was in a cave.Slowly after looking around the cave,he recognised it.That was the spooky Loch Nes cave.They said there was a monster in the lake of the cave.Suddenly he realized he was walking on the Loch Nes monster.He walked slowly.

Tom ran to the hallway.He couldn't hear the zombies.He calmed down.He saw more paintings,but he noticed that one of them had its' eyes moving.Then he fell down…he was in a maze.He wanted to find John quickly.It was 10:30.They only had one and a half our to escape the haunted house.

After a bit of walking,the Loch Nes monster woke up.John started running.He found some stairs that were going up to the house's backyard.In the backyard there was the maze.John heard Tom.

J.-Tomm!Tomm!Where are you?

T.-I'm in the maze!

Suddenly they heard a noise….Grrrrrrr…..

J.-What's that noise? Do you think it is a….

T.-Gulb..Is it a…

BOTH -Monster!!!!

The monster had woken up.

Ahhhhhhrrrrrr!!! It was 11:40.

J.-Quick!Follow my voice!

T.-Ok! Aahhhahahaha….AAAAAAAA!

J.-What happened?

T.- I fell on somebody's head.

?-Get off me!

T-Who are you?

?-I shall not reveal myself.Kazam!

J- What was that?

T- I don't know.Look.Come down here.

J.- Ok, if you say so.

T.- This is a secret basement that the guy who left put cameras and traps all over the house.

J.- And he also had fake noises from the internet.But who is he? I say we should follow him.

T.- Agreed.

They slowly followed him.When he stood still, they caught him and he was wearing a mask.They took it off…..

Both- Mr Brown!?!!

Mr Brown- You caught me.

T.- Everyone thought you died 25 years ago!

Mr BR- I faked my death.

J.-But why?

Mr.BR.- Because silly kids were ranging my bell and then they'd run. This is why I 'm hiding and keeping kids away.

T.- I 'll call the police.


It was 11:59.They were outside  of the house.The police got there at 12:00. Mr. Brown was in the house.They took him to the police station.But remember what the voice had said:' You have 4 hours to escape or else you will become a monster forever….'