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The Abduction BY GEORGE TZITZIS, Neon, Aegina

A few years ago,two boys,one 8 years old and one 12 years old,go for trick or treat.The young boy was diabetic and he needed medicines to be alive.When they started,their first house is next to their house.<<Trick or treat>> they said…and the houses man gaves them some sweets.When they went to the last house in the town,they saw a sign.The sign said <<ATTENTION! HAUNTED HOUSE!>>.They thought it was a prank and they didn'y believe it.When they rang the bell,the dour opened alone.The two boys were very scared and they started running,but they couldn't run because someone had cosed and locked the door.The next day,something strange happened.When the boys wake up,they were locked in a room of this house,the young boy was not having his medicine.Their mum called the police.In the afternoon,the kidnaper called their mum to bring money because if their mum didn't bring the money,the kidnaper will kill the kids.The kidnaper said <<Don't call the police because I will kill them>>.But she didn't listen to him.The police found the kids when the kidnaper was sleeping and now,he is in the prison.                                             Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για halloweenΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για halloween