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Halloween by Natalia Mema


               It was Saturday 24th of October . In  one week,  it  would be       Halloween and every one was getting ready for the parties and the trick or treat.  Every  house  had   decorated  their gardens  with ghosts,  spiders,  witches and zombies . It  was only one house  that didn't have any  decorations but it looked mysterious. I lived in front of  it and I could see it every day.  Many times at midnight, I heard strange things coming from outside. But I thought that it was one of the decorations that my mum had.

Three days ago, I was coming back from  school and I saw an open window at that house. The strange thing was  that  the house was uninhabited.  I got scared but I thought that it was my  imagination and it wasn't anything. Then in the middle of the night, I heard  again the same sounds .       

This happened  for three days until  Saturday, I heard  these sounds  again but with them,  I heard a strange  song with laughter.  I stood up and went down stairs. I took a piece of wood  with me and then went out of the house.  Everything was peaceful but  because of the decorations, I was getting scared and thinking of what I   was going to do. Then I decided.  I went across the road  and went in  the garden of that house .  As I was going nearer, I was hearing voices and  those strange songs.  Then I knocked on the door .  I heard steps.  My heartbeat was getting  faster and faster.Then, the door opened with a loud screech and in front  of me was standing a huge…………………..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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