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The keyhole by Mike D1 Neon Aegina

     A man came to the reception of the hotel and asked if he could have a room. The lady gave him a key and told him that there was only a room without a number in a building that they used as a warehouse. She also said that he was not allowed to go the room where they stored their stuff.

He followed the lady's instructions and went to his room. At night, he had the curiosity to go to look through the keyhole. He saw a women with really pale skin. He was still looking at her when she turned abruptly. He jumped back and went to his room.

The next day, he looked again through the keyhole but he only saw a red stable. He felt shame that the people there were annoyed. He went to the reception and asked if someone had complained but no one had. The lady asked the man if he looked through the keyhole, and he answered yes. She told him that a man had murdered his wife there and the people who stayed there felt weird afterwards. They had described her. She had pale skin and red eyes………

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