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My Halloween Story 2018 by Antonela D1. Aegina

Once a upon a time I was in an empty with my friends Ntaiana, Nektaria, and Anastasia.When we all went to the last house together, a man who was a vampire .This man chased us and we were scared.When he stopped chasing us, we then went along to my grandmather and my grandfather’s house, but when we arrived there was no one. The day that this happened was Halloween and it was twelve o’ clock.We shouted for my grandmother and my grandfather, but we didn’t hear anything.After a while, we went to their room and saw them down on the floor, covered with blood.I just saw them down on the floor and I was scared and ran quickly to my parents to tell them the terrible news. I went in my parents home but they weren’t there, so I just sat down to wait until they returned.When they come back, I told them the news and there were very sad.After two days we had the funeral for my grandmother and my grandfather. One year later my sister died because she had a very serious illness but we had the funeral on her birthday.I felt so scared about for the two funerals.I think I will never forget this Halloween.THE END.