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The spooky Halloween night by Vasiliki Chrysochoou D1 Neon, Aegina

I'd say it was about ten o'clock in the evening and I was waiting for my friends to go trick or treating.  I was watching TV when I heard a loud knock on my front door. "Yes"? I called and went ahead and opened the door - here's where the fun begins - I thought, as I was sure trick or treating had just started.


  I ran down to get the candies but when I got back to the door, the kid had already left.  A strange thing about this kid was that he had never asked me, '"trick or treat", he had just looked at me. Another strange thing was that he'd tried to get inside my house. I ran to call my friends but suddenly, all the lights went off and I started panicking and screaming. After a while, some strange noises were coming from my garden so I went to see and I saw the strange boy again, wearing a scary clown costume and… yes! I screamed again! But this  time, the boy didn't leave. He waited……      


Finally, my friends came and took me to go trick or treating. We said that we should go to the big 'haunted' house for fun, and this was how spent our Halloween night. I was a little bit scared but I didn't want my friends to know because they would think I was a little kid, so I didn't say anything. We spent several hours in this house until we heard some weird noises coming from the big, dark living room. And yes…….we went inside! At first, we didn't see anything, but as we were getting closer to another door, my best friend Popy fell to the floor. We picked her up and we got out of there!


We went back to my house but when we turned on the lights, we saw that Popy had a big red stain on her t-shirt. We returned to that house again but this time, we said that we should turn on all the lights, which is what we did. Suddenly, as we were turning on the lights, a big piece of the ceiling fell down on the floor, which was full of blood, and that's when we realised that this house was haunted. When we walked in again,we saw dead bodies and skeletons. From her suprise,Mary dropped her phone in the blood, but the blood would not come off. We said that something weird was happening.


We searched all the rooms. When we saw the bathroom, we walked in slowly because, we could hear a weird noise, that sounded like a plastic bath toy when you squish it. When we walked inside, we saw guts hanging around from the toilet flush. We were starting to freak out so we ran to leave the house but the doors were locked! After a few hours, I found a open window and that is how we escaped. But anothe suprise was waiting for us. We saw that strange kid was inside my house, and waiting for canies!


-And that's how the story ends! Goodnight!


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