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the last time charlie saw his friends

8 years ago, during the previous Halloween, there was a man called Charlie. He looked about 24 years old. Every year, he was going with his friends and knocking doors, waiting for people to offer him some sweets. Every year, it went very well and they got lots of sweets.    

  Some people still talk about a man who keeps the people who go alone at his home, and no one knows what happens to these people. Charlie didn't know where this man's house was, but he wasn't afraid  of him  because he had friends with him, so that man couldn't do anything bad. One Halloween, Charlie was visiting some homes with his friends to get some sweets.  

  While his friends were relaxing  in the forest, he decided to visit a strange house alone because he was too curious to see what was inside that totally black-painted house. He had forgotten the rumours about the bad guy who kept people.  He knocked on the door and the guy who opened it hit him with a wooden bat. Charlie fainted and the guy draged him into a cave next to his house.