Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Janet’s doll

Once upon a time a little girl named Janet, bought a doll for her birthday. It was like Janet. The same hair color, eye color. One day she played with this doll but she hit it and throw it in the room. Before she goes to sleep she put her doll on theself next to her. She fell asleep but she heard footsteps. She woke up and saw the doll under the bed. She put it in the self again and fell asleep again. But this time heard louder footseps. She found the doll in front of her. She went downstairs to drink some water and then went upsters to her room. She lied in her bed and heard a whisper saying " I haven't got an eye, my half mouth is open and my tammy is open" said the doll " Now, is your time to pay"

The next day, Janet's parents shouted "Janet, time for school!" No answer. They went upstairs in her room and saw her with one eye, half mouth open and her tummy open. Next to her, they saw her doll smiling with a knife in her hand.