Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

A scary Halloween night

   Once upon a time it was a rainy and cold Halloween night. The children was wearing their costumes and running from house to house while they were screaming trick or treat. As they have been in every house of the city only one has left. It was a haunted house at the end of the street. The rumors said that every child who went inside the house never came back. So the children decided to get inside and see if the myth was real. When they crossed the door they saw a black cat and old furniture full of dust. After a while a scary and creepy noise heard from the stairs. The children start running. One of them looked behind. He thought it was a ghost. But when they crossed the door the ghost didn't followed them.  Well they thought that it was a real ghost, but it was just a sheet. So scared and panicked the children started telling the story to their parents. They started to laugh as they new it was just a abandoned house.