Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Halloween story

Every year my uncle James was telling me a story about Halloween. Last year me told about a spooky place in Athens graveyard. There was a ghost in the graveyard and when somebody enter it he was in a very bad situation. The ghost enter the man's brain and he did what the ghost wanted. One day a liltle boy went to the graveyard because he saw a ball. The gost entered the boy's brain and the story beggan. The boy was told by the ghost to kill everyone in the village who doesn't believe in ghost. The boy stole a gun from his fatehr and started killing almost everyone in the village except his relatives. The ghost commanded the boy to kill his family at midnight if they didn't believe in ghosts. It was 10 o clock and he only had 2 hours to make his family beliee in ghosts. The boy made a very smart plan. He made his house spooky and he made voices to freak his relatives. It was 11:30 o clock. Boy's parents heard screams from upstairs and they thought it was a thief. The father went upstairs but he didn't find someone.The screams continiued and then he thought that it may be a ghost. The boy has succeed and he saved his family. Then the ghost returned to his graveyard to find his next victim…..