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Spooky scary night

                                          Spooky scary night

 It was a cold and cloudy night , a really spooky night , a really

really spooky night , a really really really spooky night but

enough of that let's move on with the story. That night , when

children were preparing for "Trick or Treat" , one little kid

Johny wasn't , when his friends asked him to come with them

on trick or treating he decided to stay home and play video

games . Poor Johny , he didn't know what was about to happen . While he was playing , he decided to go eat a snack ,

he went down-stairs , he opened the fridge and what he saw

was  … (it can't be described with words , it was that terrible

and terrific , poor Johny ) . The fridge was empty , his worst

nightmare came true , which means , NO CANDY FOR JOHN!!!!! 

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                                          THE END!!!!