Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


    I was at my home alone, it was afternoon 6:00 oclock. I was going to my cousin house. When I went to the metro that it is near from my house, I was at my station that I want to go. I get out and I go to the closely streets. When I was walking someone was behind me and I think he want to catch me, I ran and he was running to. I hided behind from a car. He was looking if I was there or not, he looked right and left. He didn't saw and he left. Ι went to a police station and I told what happend. I get out and he was there, I get in again in the police station and the gurds catch him, the guy told them that he wanted to say that I want to see ur parents, I told hime "Why" he told "I have to give them something" and I said him give me that. He gave it to me and I went to my home and I give it tomy parents.