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It was dark when i heard this strange sound from the loft,i thought it was the air,so I didn't pay any attentio!
This time, I heard it louder like someone was looking up there for something!like me when I can't find my phoneSmiling Face With Open Mouth & Smiling Eyes on Messenger !I was scared when I opened the door of my bedroom.The door of the loft was closed fast.It howled much loder and at that moment,I realized that I was alone at home.I heard again and again this noise.Suddenly,the door opened slowly and something like black smoke came out.I ran to my bedroom and I closed the door but this smoke followed me like a ghost.As it was comming over me I closed my eyes and when I wake up, my litle black puppy was on looked me very happy because I'd woken up and it as the time to go for a walk!
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