Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The haunted castle

     It was Halloween 6 friends were celebrating ! They decided to stay the  night in a haunted castle because when they were young their parents told them that the owner of the castle had killed his wife and for many years the soul of the woman stayed inside the castle  wandering seeking for revenge because the police didn't arrest her husband for the murder . Of cource they didn't believe even a word of the  story and they wanted to see with their own eyes if those rumors  were true .

     So the last night of October known as the night that hunted souls seek for justice they decided to stay the night inside the haunted castle …When they stepped into, the doors were creaking they felt the wind blowing but all the windows were closed and sealed.They had with them torches but they couldn't work .Suddenly a black cat appeared , it seemed very calm but when one of the girls cuddled  it, it screamed !The cat was the dead woman's cat .That moment the womans ghost appeared from the dark screaming loudly .REVENGE REVENGE !!!


The group of  friends ran away from  the haunted castle  but the ghost was chasing them …….Then they knew that the castle  was haunted !!!!…….