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Brigilda by Natalia Mema

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Brigilda was just 4 years old when she lost her parents in an accident .From then on, she lived in the orphanage and after one year, a family adopted her.

Brigilda thought that her mum and dad were Mr. and Mrs. Papadogianni and her sister, Silvia. They lived a really peaceful life; they went for a picnic to the forest every Sunday and every Summer, they went to another island for their holidays .

After 10 years, on the 19th of October, Brigilda became 15 and she had a really nice party. That night, Brigilda and Silvia couldn't sleep. They stayed awake all night, laughing. Silvia stopped laughing and looked excitedly at Brigilda.

“Brigilda, in 12 days it’s Halloween. Do you want to go to a haunted house?”

“Wow!” Brigilda replied. “That’s a very good idea…”

The same night at 3 o' clock, the girls were asleep and Brigilda had a dream that shocked her. She saw two humans; a man and a woman. They said to her all the time, ''DONT, DONT GO''. Brigilda thought that it was only her mind and she just kept living her life.


31st October

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10 pm

Silvia : OK. Are you ready?

Brigilda: Yes! Let's go!

The girls walked for 15 minutes and then they arrived at the house.

Brigilda: OMG! I’m so scared!

Silvia: Come on, let’s go inside!!

The girls didn’t think that they were doing the wrong thing. They went inside the gate and there were some benches and a big well. Brigilda could hear ''DON’T! DON’T GO'' all the timeand every time the cold air was blowing, she felt like someone was touching her.

Silvia : Ugh! It’s too boring here! Let’s go inside!

The girls opened the big door and they saw a huge room with a big old table and a lot of stairs. They went inside and climbed the stairs. When they got to the first room, they saw a big bed with some old photos on it.

Brigilda: Silvia…… I just heard something!

Silvia: Ohh! Come on, don’t be a chicken!

Brigilda: Silvia, I’m not kidding!

Silvia: Brigilda, it’s only a little mouse.

Then, the girls heard the sound of a door crashing closed.

Brigilda: Silvia! I think we should go…….

*Don’t! Don’t go. Don’t! Don’t go!! Why, why, Brigilda ??*

The front door crashed and the two girls were trapped.

Brigilda & Silvia: Oh NO!!!

Brigilda: We must find another door to get out of here.

Silvia: Brigilda, we must stay together and…

She didn’t say the last word because the two humans that Brigilda had seen in her dream appeared in front of her.

''Brigilda, we are your parents. We love you and we knew that this is not the right place for you to come. You must get out of here. If you don’t, you and your sister will die''.

Silvia: Brigilda! Brigilda! Wake up! We must get out of here!

Brigilda: Follow me!

Brigilda and Silvia were running around the house, looking for another door.

Silvia: Let’s call Dad.

Brigilda: We can’t! We don’t have any signal in here………..

The two girls were never found and no one has seen them… till now.

Are they alive or are they shadows in the sky??


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