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the tragical death of The Gang By: Lida, D1 NEON Aegina

Paleachora is a small hill on Aegina. On it, there are around 35 tiny churches and houses; or what's left of them. People used to live in those houses until 1654, when pirates raided the island and burned down Paleachora.

Now, these are the facts. There are many stories that recite things that may or may not have happened in that area. One of those stories is the the one about six friends.

Many years ago, when mobile phones were nothing but an idea, there was a group of children that lived in Aegina, four boys and two girls. They were hanging out every day in different places, but they prefered the tiny churches of Paleachora because they liked to pretend that they were their own houses. Of course, they were allowed to play in that area, sinse it was considered to be a generally safe place.

One day, the children were playing hide-and-seek on the hill, but it was an especially difficult round because no one could find where one of the girls was hiding. Time was passing, the other kids had to return to their houses, but the girl wouldn't come out of her hiding place. The rest of the group thought that maybe the girl had got bored and returned to her family, so they all agreed to go back to their houses and meet each other the next day.

But the girl had not got bored. She did not return home.

When her parents realized that their daughter was missing, they talked with the police, they asked everyone, and the next day, a whole village was looking for the poor girl. It was everyone's no.1 priority, to find the little girl.

And they found her. Her corpse was found inside one of the little churches, her blood all over the walls. Her hair was cut off, a couple of fingers were missing, and her clothes… She was dressed in an expensive pink dress. She looked like a destroyed doll. Her body had been in that church for two months, rotting on the cold floor.

The police looked immediately into the case, but they couldn't find out who was responsible for this horrible thing.

The girl's friends never saw her body. They were told that their friend had left this world. That she was in a better place.

Five years later, the children had now become teenagers. They were still best friends and they loved each other. Paleachora was now a forbidden area, but as I said, they were teenagers. They didn't care about rules and limits, and they loved hanging out in that place.

One evening, two of the members of 'The Gang', as they called themselves, a boy and a girl, went on a date in Paleachora.

They didn't return.

They both went missing and, three weeks later, they were found dead in a terrible condition. Parts of their bodies were cut off and spread in different places inside one of the tiny churches.

The youngest member of The Gang thought that the same person was behind both of those murders and decided to go after him. He went back to Paleachora and searched for the killer in every church, every tiny house. No one knows who, or what he found, of course, because the poor boy went missing, just like his friends, leaving The Gang with only two friends.

Years later, the two friends were not talking anymore. They didn't even see each other that much. The two young men were now living two separate and completely different lives. One had a quiet, peaceful life with his family and a lovely wife. The other suffered from depression. He was feeling guilty about his friends' deaths. He thought he should've protected them. It was only a matter of time. Sooner or later, he'd commit suicide and it was no surprise to the citizens of Aegina when they found him dead, near the church of St. Nektarios. Of course, many people say it was not a suicide, but a murder. That someone pushed the man from the top of the hill on purpose.

The oldest member of The Gang was now the only one left alive.

He never forgot the unfortunate lifes of his friends. He was thinking of them very often, but he knew it all belonged to the past. He continued living a happy life. He died at the age of 87 by natural causes during a walk with his wife at Paleachora; they liked walking through the woods.

Even though only a few believe this story, it is said that generally bad things happen at Paleachora (like the death of a whole group of friends). Even if it's not true, one thing is for sure: Those tiny buildings are creepy and seriously, if there's anyone who would go there at night for a walk or anything like that, something's wrong with humanity!


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