Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students


Our tale begins in Germany, where the lord of the castle had called for defense against the mad dr. Junkenstein . Only four came to the lord's aid against 

Junkenstein and his minions. A lone gunslinger seeking adventure, an archer from the east ,trying to forget his past , an alchemist and a nameless soldier.

        A dark presence came, as the reaper yelled 'The reaper comes for your souls!' He had a deal with the witch of the wilds for his powers, but with a terrible curse. The heroes fighted the reaper for an hour ,when at last, the archer pierced his black heart. The ground shook, as dr. Junkenstein's creation

was revealed 'I'M ALIVE' it said. Junkenstein had a deal with the witch too, for the secret of creating life. And the deal couldn't  be broken ,even if he died.

        The monster fell just as his creator, but was it over?No. But then dr. Junkenstein's most powerful ally apeared. 'MY SERVANTS NEVER DIE'.With a

magical encantation, Junkenstein and his monster arose from the ground.'The castle can't hold much longer!They have almost broken open the doors!' At last, Junkenstein's last laugh echoed through the walls of the castle. The castle was saved at last. Or it wasn't?