Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

Nick Grinezos

.That story is real and I am the protagonist.That story begins on an old big train,when i was going to visit a graveyard in an empty town


At the start of the journey,i saw that man with a hood was sitting at the end of our boxcar.The trains slowly cleared of people apark hom people and this man was sitting right there and not moving.


In the end ,only me and him werein this boxcar.He came and sat next to me.I was scared.He looked at me in the eyes and he asked me(what is your name?)I anseredand i asked him too.With slow moves,he pulled off his hood.He was a zombie!he  screamed.I started to ran,the train stopped.I startedto scream and please god to help me..It was my end.I broke the door and got awayfrom this box car.For my luck,outside was sunny and the zombie couldn't come out.


The zombie attacked me because he was a human,but at 1200,some pirateshad killed him and they'd buried him in this graveyard.He wanted to get revenge and he attacked me because he thought that I was a pirate.