Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The Lost Child

It was September 1997 a woman and her child were going to Paris by airplane. Her daughter was 6-7 years old. Her father was dead for 4 years and the only family that she had was her mother. They sit down on the airplane and sleep for 1 hour.

When the mother, Susan, woke up she saw that her daughter Lily was missing and she started to find her. When she asked for her in reception they told her that she boarded the plane without any child with her. Then she called the police to find her daughter. The the police told her the same. She started panic, she can't be mad. She went to find out what was happening. When she goes to the airplane engine she found her daughter dead. Then she went to reception with her daughter dead body and she wanted to call the police but then a murderer started to chase her.