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The Haunted House

(CAUTION:To understand this story you must pay close attention, so keep your eyes open.)


  It was Halloween night. Two friends had decided to spend the night in an abandoned house, just outside the city they lived in. The house belonged to a famous harp player that had died in an accident.

   The two friend's parents were at a Halloween party. They snuck out and met outside the abondoned house. They went inside and started exploring. The house had three floors, includig a basement. After a while, they realised thet there is nothing interesting inside there.

  They put there blankets on the ground floor, and decided to sleep there. They put on some music but, without realising, they fell asleep. At around 3 p.m., one of the friends, woke up to a harp playing. He ignored it and he just fell asleep again.

  The next morning he asked his friend why he had harp music in his ipod. But he anwsered that he didn't…


Story by: GeorgeNt