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A SCARY STORY written by Kiki

It was a Halloween night. All the children dressed with their costumes (witches, ghosts, vampires,pirates etc.) and went for "Trick or Treat" with a smile on their faces. At first, a group of children, Mary, Nick, Steve and Kate went to some houses for the ''Trick or Treat" and got many candy!!!But the time was running fast and all of the kids were a little bit of scared.They went far away to some houses that the didn't know.But as well, they were having a lot of fun and they didn't have a reason for being scared.Later, they heard a weird noise and some kids were shouting.Then, they saw a child saying "DONT GO OUT THERE! THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED AND THE GHOSTS WILL CATCH YOU!" But Mary said "But ghosts aren't exist and we are not afraid of them, right? So, let's go in there" All the kids agreed. When they found this house, they rang the bell. Then the door opened and all the ghosts got out and catch the kids.Then they all woke up and understood that it was just a dream…!But you dont know…It CAN happen in real life….!!!!!!winkyes