Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

The boy with brass buttons

  A young couple moved into a new house in the winter of 1889, bringing their six years old daughter with them. They had to do a lot of housework in order to live in their new house, so the little girl went to the attic to play while her parents were cleaning the house. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, because the previous owners had converted the attic into a playroom. After a couple of weeks of hard work, the downstairs rooms were finished. The mother, realized that she had been neglecting their daughter. So she attempted to try and spend more time with her now. But the little girl was distracted. She was playing in the attic alone. Her mother asked her "What's so interesting up there in that room?" "It's the little boy with the shiny buttons, I love playing with him!" the child replied. "What little boy?" the mother wondered. She went to investigate the room, but she found out that the room was empty. Her parents keep asking her who is that boy and she was repeating that there was a little boy and he wore a blue jacket with lots of shiny buttons on it. As her father listened, he became more and more curious. Her father was a seaman so he realized that her child is describing a child's sailor suit, with the brass buttons. The girl's father made some thoughts about the Cowderlys, the family that used to live in the house before them. He learned that they had come from England, bringing their children with them, two boys and a girl. The youngest boy, was born retarded. The neighbors described the youngest boy as a sweet child, but they also told him that Mr. Cowderly was ashamed of him and was trying to prevent him because he didn’t want people to see the boy. The neighborhoods, said that the young boy sneak out to go down to the river until one day he fell and drowned. His body was never found, but his cap had been found floating in the river. After the disappearance, the Cowderlys sold their house. He told his little daughter to show him where she found that boy. He took her to the attic and asked her to show him where the little boy came from. She said from the fireplace. Her father called in workers to remove it. When the fireplace was removed the body of the little boy was revealed. He was wearing a little blue sailor jacket with brass buttons. They examined his body and the found out that the back of the child's head had been crushed.
The little boy was murdered!