Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

A Very Scary Halloween Night

   It was a very  cold night with big black clouds and it was raining too.A man walked down the street and he heard some noices behind him,he was horrified.He looked around but nothing,just a small kitten

  He heard the noices again and he started running.When he looke back he saw again that kitten watching him into his eyes.Then it started getting bigger and bigger until it was at th size of a bus.The "kitten" monster had teeths like th mans head, red eyes and a big big horn in the middle of its head.

  The man started running horrified yelling for help but no one was there to help him.He went into an old scary house,the monster was waiting for him outside but it couldn't come in the house because a source of magic power was defending the house,He went to the basement and for his good luck he found a sword called THE EXECUTIONER 

 Happy and scared he went outside to face the powerfull monster and he cut it's head clean of it's body with only one strike.He took the sword to his home and kept it,so he could be safe every halloween night.