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a real story

So I had just finished school it was about 3 or 4, and while

i was walking I passed a abandoded house, I have heard

a lot about this house but i never believe those

things.Anyway  I was alone and I was looking at its

window carefully and I saw a little girl looking at me i

thought it was an illusion so I turned my head into the

other side I looked again and I saw her again I went home

frightend.As soon as I went to sleep I woke up around 3

o'clock and I couldn't move I saw that girl standing over 

me and having her arms in my neck.I was like that for at

least 5 minutes.As she ''walkded'' away I slept again and

when I woke up I went to the internet to get information

and it was claiming that many people have seen this girl

and there is a possibility to die if you get to scared.Thank

god I never saw her again.