Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

A frightening story


     Once upon a time it was a young boy called Petter that he was sleping in his bed on a usual night. He hears footsteps outside his door,and peeks out his eyes to see what is happening. His door swings open quitly to reveal a murderer carrying the corpes of his parents. After silently propping them up on a chair, he writes something on the wall in the blood of the dead bodies. He then hides under his bed.

      The child is scared beyond belief. He can't read the writing on the wall and he knows that thw men is under his bed. Like a child,he pretends that he slept through the whole thing and hasn't awoken yet. He lays still as the bodies,quietly hearing the breathes from under his bed.

       An hour passes,and his eyes are adjusting more and more to the darkness. He tries to make out the words,but it's struggle. He gasps when he finaly makes out the sentence.                {I know you are awake}. He feels something shift underneath his bed.