Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

A Horror Story!!

It was a cold night. Paul heared the sound of the rain out off his window. It was 2:00 o' clock after midnight. The weather was rainy like all the days of November.

Suddenly he heared a very curious sound like a whistle. He looked out of his window and he saw a shadow holding something like a knife. Paul was scarred, but when he looked behind him, he started to panic. The figure slowly approached him. He couldn't see his face, he could only see  his red eyes that were burning like the fire.

-'Who are you'he asked.

The figure didnt answered. Paul open the lights on to see better the mystirious visitor. The figure dissappeared.

At morning when he woke up he thought that it was just a dream. He described his dream to his parents. But maybe it wasn't a dream and someone really tried to kill him!!