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Scary story by Elena moira neon C’2

There was a neighborhood where there were two friends. One day they saw a boy they'd never seen before. His name was Harry. The next day, this boy went into the scary house. Harry thought he was alone but he was with Jajon. Jajon had a chainsaw and he wore a white mask, a black T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Suddenly in front of Harry, Jajon appeared with his chainsaw. The bad man ran behind the boy trying to kill him, but he couldn't catch him. After two hours, the boy went to the police station. The police tried to catch the bad man but they couldn't catch him. Then Harry went back to his house and played with his sister. Suddenly, his phone rang. 'Who is it?' Harry asked his sister. ' I don't know!'. Said his sister……. Elena! C'2

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