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”The witch and the rabbit” by:Lida Nikolaidou neon Aegina

It was dark and cold. She could hear the rain tapping the walls of ther cage. Bathilda loved the rain. This maybe was one of the reasons she had been thrown in that cage… She always liked doing things other people found strange. She was strange herself. She had long red hair and white skin. Her eyes were as dark as the night. She also liked rabbits. She often tried talking to her rabbit but it never answered.

*Someone knocks the door*

''Someone's here.'' Bathilda whispered to herself. ''It's time…''

 A man walked into the cage, grabbed the young girl and dragged her out. He took her outside and threw her in the mud. The rain had stopped.

 A tall man started talking. ''Bathilda, daughter of the miller, you are accused of practising witchcraft, making potions, talking to animals, having deals with Satan and playing with the elements. You once denied these complaints. Are you ready to confess now?''

 Bathilda looked at the man and answered: ''I have nothing to confess''. The words came softly ans peacefully out of her mouth but she knew what was coming next.

 ''Death! Burn the witch!''

 ''Cut her throat and feed her to the dogs!''

People were getting angry. The tall man shouted: ''Silene!'' and everyone stopped. He continued. ''You had your chance. You sinned and denied our god. Your punishment is burning at the stake!''

 People started laughing and screaming.

 ''It will happed tomorrow at dawn.'' he said and then he left. The first man took Bathilda back into her dirty cage.

 She knew this would happen… But she wasn't willing to accept it.

 Next morning, the man came back to the cage to take Bathilda. He was shocked when he saw that she wasn't there! He only saw a big, white rabbit in the middle of the cage but he didn't pay attention. He ran and told the others to search for her but nobody found her…



''The witch and the rabbit'' is a stoy based on another story ''Babiti Rabbiti and the cut tree trunk'' by Beetle the Bard. Of course Beetle is a fictional character J.K. Rowling made and he was a famous author in the wizarding world. Anyway, in his story, Babiti is a woman trying to escape her punishment by turning herself into a rabbit. Now, that's just a tale but if we take a look in the past, we can find a French woman called Lizet De Lapen who was executed for practising witchcraft in 1422. But!!! The night before her execution, she disappeared and a day after that, somebody said he saw a big white rabbt walking around the dungeon. And the most exciting thing is that, some days later, a white rabbit became a trusted counselor in the palace on Henry the sixth (and that might be why some people said he was crazy).

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