Stories and Activities from clubEFL Students

2 Ghost stores by Antonia!!!

The ghost woman!!!

Onse upon a time there was 3 guys that they came back from a party.Suddenly they saw a woman stood at the edge of the street.They stopped and asked the woman if she wanded to drive her home.She agreeded and get on to the car.They asked her where she lives and she answered that she lives 1 km from here.When they arrived to her house and get off the car in 1 second she located in the window of the second floor and she disappeared in front of their eyes.They scared and started to leave as quickly as possible.


The jacket!!

It was once a group of friends in a feast.One of them saw a girl sits in a corner shivering.He approached her and asked: Hey, what's your name?She answered:My name is Rosa.Τhen he asked again:Do you feel cold?,and she answered:Yes.Τhen he pulled the jacket that he wore and gave it her to wear and said: Κeep it and give to me the number of your house to come tomorrow to take it.The girl gave the number of hers house,thanked the guy and left.The next day the guy looked for the number of the house of  the girl to get back his jacket.After many hours of searching discovered that the path the girl lived is inside the cemetery.After a short walk among the tombs he found a tomb with the name of the girl and upward ……. his  jacket !!!