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a spooky story by Peter C1 neon Aegina

It was a dark and scary night. Morgan and John really wanted to go to the spooky old house. What could go wrong?! For Ashley and George, the answer was everything! The problem was that Morgan and John thought that ghosts didn't exist. <<Why?>>asked Ashley. <<Because ghosts don't exist! And, the house IS NOT haunted. The house can't be haunted because ghosts don't exist!>><<John is right!>>, said Morgan <<Now, let's get into the house!>> George couldn't disagree because… he was already in the house. He was also sat on a chair in a locked room reliving his worst memories. Of course, the others didn't know that. If they had known that, the police would already be there, but… they didn't know it. Ashley couldn't disagree because she had nothing more to say so, they entered the house. When they go in, they immediately felt that they were not welcome. It was like there was someone in the house who didn't want them to get out alive (spoilers: there was). They shouted John's name but the only thing they got in response was a scream as their flashlights went out. They tried to run but let's just say they stayed in that house forever.